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Buy Wheel House American Dry Gin 750ml Online a complex yet gentile bouquet of juniper, citrus, and coriander. The first sip reveals a remarkably smooth texture uncommon in other gins. Wheel House opens strong with smooth juniper upfront immediately followed by a bold array of botanicals.

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The American River is beside the Gold River Distillery, which is situated close to Sacramento’s outskirts. With saloons and other drinking spots that were prevalent during the gold rush and into the turn of the century,

the region is rich in historical libations. The legal manufacture of alcohol was stopped in 1920, but the need for spirits persisted. This was the start of prohibition. Sacramento

Although Prohibition ended in 1933, it wasn’t until 2014 that Sacramento County was able to once again produce spirits lawfully.

The first spirit we served was gin, one of the more well-liked alcoholic beverages throughout the Prohibition era, in honor of the region’s long tradition of fine spirits.

Wheel House American Dry Gin was well welcomed since many people were happy to have an option to the more heavily juniper-infused London Dry Gin. Wheel House 916 Sacramento Vodka, the second spirit in the Wheel House family, was introduced in response to demand.

Before closing once more with some licorice and anise, the ginger fades off, making room for ginger and black pepper. Juniper and coriander also make an appearance. When the spice is cold, it is much more noticeable.





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