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Voyage 19 Straight Bourbon Whiskey with assistance from many Esquire staff members, tested dozens of recipes in pursuit of savory, oaky overtones and a well-balanced flavor profile before settling on only three. Six-year-old bourbon that has had its proof reduced from 125 to 82.3, sweet and dry vermouth, and barrel-aged, spiced cherry bitters make up the completed product. Enjoy it the same way you would any Manhattan: on the rocks or with ice and whiskey.

Summertime weather with light to moderate seas accompanied OCEAN Voyage 18 as it departed Savannah and continued through the Panama Canal. Winter in the southern hemisphere didn’t alter until we crossed the equator.

When we departed Tahiti and drew closer to Auckland, the air temperature began to fall. Although it was chilly in Australia and New Zealand, the temperature never fell below freezing. From Melbourne to Singapore, the narrative underwent a significant transformation. Although it remained chilly, Ocean Voyage 18 encountered the worst storm to impact Ocean Voyages so far! Voyage 18 was compelled to stop for refuge along the journey because of the severely choppy seas.

The ship took a beating before returning to the northern hemisphere and making a welcome stop in Shanghai. The remainder of the day saw mild temperatures and mostly calm waves.

The oak releases more wood tannins as a result of the rolling waves, temperature swings, and barometric changes, giving off vanilla, caramel, and burnt match smells.

Review of Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea

Over the course of a protracted ocean cruise, Jefferson’s Ocean experiences a very remarkable aging process in which it travels over five continents and four times crosses the equator. What impact does the purported “hyper-aging” process have on the bourbon? I’m not sure. But there’s no denying this whiskey’s greatness. Light fruit undertones and generous helpings of vanilla are present in the scent. The palate intensifies the fruit flavors, adds floral undertones, and finishes with a brisk, lively aftertaste.


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