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Buy Vikre Spruce Gin 750ml Online with the bright green spring buds of the spruce tree, tart, piney, and floral. We foraged the Northwoods for wild botanicals; we use local grains, handcrafted oak barrels, and the clean, cold water of Lake Superior. Enjoy neat or in your favorite gin cocktail.

“Gin” is one of the five major spirits with an illustrious history dating back to 16th century Holland. The most popular style for mixed drinks is London Dry Gin. Orange, Vanilla, and Cardamom invigorate a traditional Juniper, Coriander Seed, and Angelica Root base to create a distinctive dry gin. ‘Signature’ was designed with the ubiquitous ‘G&T’ in mind, with the final product in mind, easily replicable in other venues and at home!

JP and Vita Bernier founded Hammer Spring Distillers in 2016. Hammer Spring produces high-quality spirits from local ingredients with a strong connection to the West on this foundation. We believe in looking out for the interests and profits of our entire community, not just our own.

Traditional herb and savory profile with juniper at the forefront, bolstered by coriander seed, angelica, orris, and licorice root. Who’s ready to dive into this neighbor from the Great White North’s production? Minnesota’s Northwoods are borderlands.

They’re the ones.  Amaro is one of our favorite categories, with its super complex profiles and impressive length. The flavor profile is a roller coaster that will stick with you long after your first sip. Clean spirit distilled French liqueur style product with the same level of alcohol, sugar content, and citrus base.



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