Tuyo Blanco Cristalino Tequila 375ml

Clean, Vanilla, Cooked Agave, Hazelnut, Smooth

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Tuyo Blanco Cristalino Tequila: Mexico- Cristalino tequila aged 30 days in bourbon whisky barrels, color stripped. candy agave nose with notes of hazelnut, vanilla, and caramel. easy, clean, and easy. Made from 100% Blue Weber agaves.

Revel in the rocks or your favorite tequila cocktail. Tuyo No.1 Blanco Cristalino is elderly 30 Days in 10 12 months vintage Bourbon Barrels, then refined into a Cristalino. Melon and mineral notes mingle with a strong fruitiness obvious in both its full-bodied taste and lingering end.

Revel in neat or at the rocks for a clean and complicated enjoyment. Tuyo Tequila offers a unique and sophisticated revel in with their cristalinos. They utilize agave vegetation from each highland and lowland regions-ensuing in a complicated and wealthy stability of citrus, herb, and spice notes.

Their special variations offer a regional fragrant experience that satisfies and stimulates each sip.

  • Brand: Tuyo
  • Country: USA
  • SPIRITS type: Tequila
  • SPIRITS style: Blanco/Silver
  • ABV: forty%
  • Flavor: clean, Vanilla, Cooked Agave, Hazelnut, clean
  • SKU: 235265375-1

Short assessment

Melon and mineral notes mingle with a strong fruitiness obtrusive in each its full-body flavor and lingering end. Every bottle is more suitable with a Swarovski Crystal gold necklace and maybe love neat or on the rocks for clean and sophisticated enjoyment.

Additional information – Tuyo Blanco Cristalino 

This tequila changed into designed to walk you through the diverse aromas located inside the highlands and lowlands of Tequila, Jalisco Mexico. From the instant these unique aromas touch your nostril, you’ll discover a brand new way to experience this special edition Tuyo Blanco Tequila.


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