TEN TO ONE DARK RUM Ten To One, another scope of super premium Caribbean rums is sending off in New York in the Summer of 2019. The brainchild of Marc Farrell, a glad Trinidadian and previously Starbucks’ most youthful VP, Ten To One carries elite quality rum to the market and opens a contemporary perspective on the Caribbean and its celebratory culture.

The reach incorporates an additional proof white rum, as well as a dull rum, the two of which contain no additional sugar, flavorings, or tones. Ten To One is accessible at top bars, retail shops, and on the web.

Brought up in the Caribbean, Ten To One’s Pioneer and President, Marc Farrell, has for some time been an understudy of rum, its legacy, and the more extensive job it plays in Caribbean culture. Subsequently, Farrell accepts there is a huge chance to additional elevate the discussion around rum – not just by acquainting a great soul with the market, but by expanding both the ongoing story around rum, and the events for which it very well may be viewed as the soul of decision for the present purchaser.

“We needed to make a contemporary and raised mix, intended to challenge assumptions and revive the manner in which individuals taste, insight, and discuss rum,” says Farrell. “The motivation for making mixes comes from our craving to recount a story that mirrors the various societies, networks, and viewpoints celebrated by Ten To One.”

The brand takes its name from an expression by Dr. Eric Williams, Trinidad, and Tobago’s amazing first Top state leader. While revitalizing to save the main Caribbean league of 10 nations, he broadly expressed, “One from 10 leaves zero,” the thought being that we are more grounded together than separated. The name additionally addresses conquering extraordinary chances.




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