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Buy Skatterbrain Peanut Butter Whiskey 1.75l Online Canadian whiskey with delicious peanut butter flavour. This bold and creamy spirit is perfect for any occasion. Sip straight over ice, mix with raspberry liqueur for a PB&J cocktail, or pour over your vanilla ice cream for a sweet treat. Everyone will love it!

Newly launched is Skatter Brain Peanut Butter Whiskey. Although cinnamon-flavoured whisky will always outsell peanut butter whisky in total sales, peanut butter is now the fastest-growing flavour of whisky available.

It starts with Canadian Whiskey as a basis. It smells like smooth peanut butter with a whisky undertone. Simple syrup joins the delicious peanut brittle entry. The arrival of whisky builds to a crescendo of peanut butter whisky.

It ends with a small whisky sting, whisky, chocolate, and peanut butter syrup flavour that fades with vanilla. In Skatter Brain,

In 2018, the first Peanut Butter Whiskeys were produced. Brittany and Steven Yeng made the brilliant choice to concoct this flavour combo. The concept was to create a spirit version of the well-known Peanut Butter and Whiskey shot Steven offered at this establishment. The outcome is a whiskey-based liqueur that is sweet and strongly flavoured.

There were and still are divergent views. But let’s leave beliefs aside and concentrate on the truth. Screwball gained popularity right away. In addition to selling a lot of cases of their whisky with peanut butter flavour, the company unwittingly carved off a brand-new market for alcoholic beverages.

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