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Buy Shibui Single Grain 30 Yr Whisky 750ml Online matured & bottled at our Masahiro Distillery in Okinawa, Japan. Matured in Sherry, Bourbon & White Oak for at least 30 years giving rich natural color & notes of Cinnamon, peaches, bergamot & coconut. 91 points from Whisky Advocate.

At our Masahiro Distillery in Okinawa, Japan, it is exclusively distilled, aged in White Oak, and bottled. Natural color with aromas of caramelized sea salt and tropical fruit salad. 95 points at IWSC, 95 points at USC, and Chairman’s Trophy finalist.

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The ABV of the whisky is 43%. (86 proof). As soon as you take a whiff of it, you can tell you’re in for a treat because of its rich, dark, and nutty brown color. There is a blend of creaminess from the vanilla, sweetness from the honey, the chocolate’s lushness, and some fruity spice. Additionally, there are some flowery and fresh undertones as well as oakiness. One of those whiskies, you just want to keep inhaling the aroma.

The whisky does not disappoint when tasting it. Although less floral, it is still creamy and has flavors of nutty sherry and some citrusy tropical fruit. The aftertaste has a coconut flavor reminiscent of rum. Expensive? Yes. Outstanding? Absolutely.

Purely natural; no coloring. without chill filters. Taste notes Oily, ripe fruit, lemon peel, leather, cinnamon, and ginger; deep wood scent; maltose; nectar; blueberry; Mizunara oak; milk coffee.

finished with a bit of sweet malt, woody barrel smells, and a hint of fruity flavor. Outstanding honey aftertaste; the barrel brings out various kinds of spice flavours. A deep floral woody scent has a lot of life to it.



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