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Buy Shibui Single Grain 18 Yr Whisky 750ml Online matured in refill Fino & Manzanilla Sherry Casks & bottled at our Kumesen Distillery in Okinawa, Japan. Natural color & notes of Red Cherries, black licorice & milk chocolate. Awarded 91 points at Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2021.

Critical evaluation: “Only one batch of Kumesen Distillery’s Shibui brand is bottled, and it is single-distilled in a stainless steel still and aged in manzanilla and fino barrels. On the scent, there is more oakiness along with milk chocolate, dried cranberries, slightly bitter cherries, toffee undertones, and muted wood spices.

92 marks “Sweet, with delicate, crisp, nutty oak, then fudge, ripe banana, and peach,” says David Broom (Whisky Advocate). Like consuming vanilla ice cream with toffee fudge and hazelnut sprinkles, that is how it feels overall. The structure is substantial and thick, and the palate is sweet and rather fat with faint flavors of fruit salad and raspberry. In the end, a sharp acidity jolts the delivery into freshness. With less oak, it becomes slightly more yielding and has more toffee. The grain is the gold standard for me. (Fall 2015)

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