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Buy Shibui Single Grain 10-Year Bourbon Barrel Japanese Whisky Online in American oak, and bottled in Okinawa, Japan at the Shinzato Distillery. Outstanding natural color and aromas of seasoned oak and crushed black pepper from Creme Brulee.

The first premium Scotch whisky in the world to have a Japanese Mizunara oak cask finish. Whisky blending is a traditional Scottish craft that has a rich history dating back to the 1850s. You’ll taste characteristics that are similar to REI pure malt but stronger. Tropical fruit explosions, particularly pineapple, are present right away. After a moderate oak flavor from the 15 years spent in ex-bourbon barrels, the finish is silky with little to no burn.

($139.99) Shibui Japanese 10-year-old Pure Malt Whisky Shibui is an intriguing whisky firm that collaborates with a number of different Japanese distilleries, some of which date back more than a century. Moms who have received awards will love this whisky.

Motherhood is the hardest job there is, according to Nicholas Pollacchi, co-owner and Shibui’s head of worldwide whisky.¬†American Cherry Edition by Traverse City Whiskey Co. ($29.99) If your mother enjoys drinking whisky sours, like cherry, or has Michigan connections, then this may be the whisky you should get her. Chris Fredrickson, co-founder, and distiller, adds,

“I really have to lean on our poster child, the American Cherry Edition, for Mother’s Day.” It is an infused whisky, according to Fredrickson. ($42) Woodford Reserve Bourbon In addition to being the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby and receiving numerous other honors and distinctions, associate master distiller Elizabeth McCall is the first woman to hold the position of distiller in Brown history. Forman’s This is her first Mother’s Day as a mother, which is something to celebrate. If your mother enjoys horses or Derby Day, this whisky is ideal for her.



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