Shibui Pure Malt 10 Year Japanese Whisky 750ml

Rich, Fruit, Oak, Spice, Balanced




Buy Shibui Pure Malt 10-Year Japanese Whisky 750ml Online – For Sale

Buy Shibui Pure Malt 10-Year Japanese Whisky 750ml Online this 10-year-old malt whisky is matured in American ex-bourbon, Oloroso sherry & rare Japanese Mizunara Oak. Natural color with notes of plum, oak & cinnamon spice. 92-point score at USC, 91 points at IWSC & Gold medal at SFSC.

The Niigata Master Blenders who craft exquisite flavor marriages using multi-cask maturation are showcased in Shibui World Blends. Shibui Single Grain Whiskies Are An Example Of The Japanese Distilleries In Okinawa That Use Local Grains To Create Whiskey Unlike Any Other.

Transparency Trailblazers Shibui wants customers to understand everything that is included in the glass. Shibui provides information on their distilleries’ grain blends, fermentation, distillation, and maturation processes, as well as the fact that each and every bottle of Shibui whisky is 100% natural in color and unfiltered by chilling. Read More

“It blends beautifully with the mature single malts from Niigata, Japan, and Lowlands, Scotland, both of which have undergone two pot still distillations.

Where is Shibui whisky made?

Japan- This 100% malt whisky was blended and bottled in Niigata, Japan. It was aged in ex-bourbon, oloroso sherry, and the extremely rare Japanese Mizunara oak,

Which is the most costly whisky in India?

It should come as no surprise that this liquor is among the priciest in India given that only roughly 100 bottles were produced. Tropical fruit, candies, almonds, vanilla, and caramel are all present in each sip.

Why Japanese whiskey is so expensive?

Supply and demand are at the core of the Japanese whisky price narrative. While demand has merely risen, supply has sharply decreased. Japanese whisky is currently more difficult to find in your engraved whisky glasses for a number of reasons.

What is the best way to drink Japanese whiskey?

The easiest way to appreciate the full flavor of any whisky is to sip it plain or over ice. We advise tasting your Japanese whisky neat at least once so you can discover all of its subtleties and intricacies.




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