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Sazerac 18-Year Straight Rye Whiskey finishes: Just cherries rule, with a bit of both natural and botanical rye and a clean minty completion.

Sazerac 18 Rye: Tasting Notes

Like everything aside from the George T. Stagg, this was a first-time taste for me. I had no clue about what was in store from the Saz 18, an oak bomb that matured 18 years in new wood. a watery mouthfeel from low verification.

sweet mouthfeel from more than 75% vanishing? I simply didn’t have the foggiest idea.

Eye: orange bloom honey. Medium legs and flimsy to medium unsound edges the whiskey

Nose: An exemplary rye, yet more natural and OK. There are loads of red products of soil natural products front and center. Bubblegum Bazooka Joe with dusty glossing over woody, sweet, and smooth oak. By and large, it’s fruitier than natural.

Sense of taste: Blast, there’s the rye. Bubblegum, a light confirmation heat, and a wealth of stone natural products Cherry and watermelon Red Jaunty Farmers Endlessly bunches of cherries, trailed by some colder time of year mint.

Cherry and bubblegum converge into a solitary flavor that only sort of stays there and quits developing. The mouthfeel is dainty yet covering, demonstrating a more seasoned, lower-proof bourbon…

The way that the evidence is lower has a colossal effect… This isn’t over-oaked; it’s not woody, yet the lower evidence and cherry strength muffle different intricacies that I bet are there at a higher verification.

After the greatness of the GTS and William Larue Weller, I can’t resist the urge to feel let somewhere around this.

What I can’t move beyond are the mouthfeel and the effortlessness. My greatest apprehension — low-proof oak water like the Elijah Craig 18, at a similar verification — didn’t happen.

I could save this for a fascinating pour on the off chance that I got it at MSRP, yet this isn’t on my hunting list.


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