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Remy Martin VSOP 1l this bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP in an engraved wooden case is the ideal present if you want to add a special touch. By adding your own text or name, you can make it uniquely yours. a wonderful present for a birthday, for professional reasons, as a token of appreciation, or to mark an anniversary. Even better, reward yourself! A lovely bottle of brandy in a wooden box with engraving is always alcohol is not a good choice.

The opulent case’s FSC-certified wood construction enables you to support ethical, sustainable forestry practices. A 700 ml bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP brandy is found inside. It’s simple to make your own engraved wooden case. Just enter the desired name or text in the Editor. Make yours right now!


In this wonderful symphony of powerful and elegant scents, prominent notes of vanilla are followed by notes of juicy apricot, baked apple, and a delightful floral perfume.

It is no surprise that all of Rémy Martin’s cognacs carry the prestigious designation of Fine Champagne Cognac. one of the best Cognacs as a guide. There is only Rémy Martin here.

one of the most popular VSOPs in the world. The reputation and silky flavor of Rémy Martin VSOP are highly regarded. Fine Champagne has the greatest versatility, elevating your beverage to new heights.

The House of Remy Martin has been on a journey to find Cognac Fine Champagne, the essence of Cognac, since 1724. Since its birth, this vivid gold VSOP has maintained its consistent distinctive style. It is smooth, rich, and wonderfully balanced, with flavors of vanilla and juicy stone fruit. Enjoy it straight up, over ice, or in your preferred cocktail. VSOP Remy Martin, the model.

Taste Notes

Cognac Fine Champagne, Grande Champagne, and Petite Champagne are blended together. Gold that is vibrant. Fruity notes: the roundness of summer fruits, particularly ripe apricots, and peaches, are present in the aromas and flavors. Floral observations: the immodesty of wildflowers, especially violets. Primarily vanilla with a touch of licorice characterizes the oaky scents. supple, silky Finish: A ripeness combination that is wonderfully balancing.






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