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Buy Remy Martin Cellar 16 Limited Edition 1 Online each cellar is unique and infuses our cognac with very specific aromatic profiles. Cellar 16 features a warm environment that heightens the interaction between the casks and the Eaux-de-vie. The result is an incredibly smooth cognac with vibrant vanilla notes.

In cellar number 16, the Eaux-de-vie for this limited edition starts to mature in new French Limousin oak barrels, creating an unmatched taste profile with robust vanilla aromas and an incredibly silky finish.

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The Remy Martin Prime Cellar Selection No 16 is a Fine Champagne Cognac, blended with Eaux-de-vie from two of the finest regions of the Cognac; Grande and Petite Champagne. A product of Cellar No.16, it is characterized by both its multi-tiered layout with warm air in the higher reaches, and by the predominance of new casks.

These casks are in the prime location for aging, and confer intense vanilla notes to the Eaux-de-vie. Cellar No.16 is surrounded by the estate’s vineyards, where the story and very essence of Rémy Martin cognacs begin. This unique aromatic style celebrates the crafting of a powerful and elegant cognac.

Casks as rich and robust as these are a product of Remy Martin’s rich sense of history. Dating back over 300 years, it is a house with plenty of experience in production methods that produce exceptional creations.

Throughout its exciting history, of feuds and mergers, one thing remains; world-class techniques. Displaying that knowledge with ease, the Remy Martin Prime Cellar Selection No 16 Cognac is a wonderful portrayal of all that this traditional house embodies.

Presentation of the bottle

A sleek display of sophistication, this dark black showcase immediately captures attention. Contrasted with gold branding and detailing, it’s a simple display of excellence. Effortlessly conveying the brilliance that lies beneath it, it’s a bottle you are going to want to display. Finished in a complimentary presentation box, it’s wonderful down to the final detail. Perfect to offer as a gift, or to proudly show off at a party.

How to enjoy

Enjoy neatness to appreciate the dominant vanilla tones. Add a dash of water to tease the intense aromas to the surface. Save plenty of time to devour the long finish.




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