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Remy Martin 1738 1l If you want to add a personal touch to your gift, this bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP in an engraved wooden case is the best option. You can personalize it by adding your own phrase or name. a beautiful gift for a birthday, for work-related reasons, as a thank-you gesture, or to celebrate an anniversary. Better yet, treat yourself and Don’t consume alcohol on a regular basis.

You can promote moral, sustainable forestry practices by purchasing the luxurious case, which is made of FSC-certified wood. Inside is a 700 ml bottle of Rémy Martin VSOP brandy. Making your own engraved wooden case is easy. Simply fill up the Editor with the desired name or text. Create yours immediately!

Cognac, France-1738 is a very silky rendition of Remy Martin’s distinctive style. Its smooth body, butterscotch- and baking spice-flavored oak notes result from a special method of aging Eaux-de-vie in fresh French oak barrels that have been slowly and gently heated.

Smooth and well-balanced, Rémy Martin Accord Royal 1738 comes from the famed Petite and Grande Champagne vineyards in Cognac.

This gives it a round, mellow body with oaky aromas of butterscotch and spices. The cognac Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal honors the distinction given to Rémy Martin by King Louis XV of France. Enjoy it straight up, in cocktails, or on the rocks.

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It comes as no surprise that each and every cognac produced by Rémy Martin carries the distinguished label of Fine Champagne Cognac. as a guide, pick one of the greatest Cognacs. Only Rémy Martin is present.

one of the most widely used VSOPs worldwide. Remy Martin VSOP is widely regarded for its illustrious history and smooth flavor. The most adaptable beverage is fine Champagne, which may take your drink to new heights.

Generous fig and cherry marmalade flavors complement the nose with toasty bread and toffee notes from the wood. Mellow butterscotch, baking spices, and dark chocolate complement the flavor. The finish has a concentration of fruit and nutty flavors and is very complex.

Drink recommendations include neat, over ice, or in high-end traditional cocktails like the Sidecar or Sazerac. Cocktails featuring citrus flavors go well with the 1738 Accord Royal.






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