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Buy Plymouth Gin 750ml Online is unique and vibrant with juniper being nearly equaled by citrus fruit and candied zest, coriander, cardamon, and bold black pepper on the palate. Ideally proportioned and versatile for the bar. DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL – 2016 SAN FRANCISCO WORLD SPIRITS COMPETITION.

Because the title “Plymouth” designates both a style and a brand, it is a distinctive gin. However, Plymouth only has one gin manufacturer, the Black Friars Distillery, which makes Plymouth Gin (the brand).

Although it shares a structure and distillation method with London Dry, it differs from that spirit in that it is more citrus-forward, less juniper-forward, and contains more earthy gin characteristics like orris and angelica roots.

More than 200 years after its debut, this iconic gin is still created with the same combination of seven botanicals, water, and grain alcohol. Plymouth Gin is the ideal choice for a straightforward gin and tonic over ice with a citrus garnish because it has a smoother juniper flavor and a more earthy feel than other gins due to its 41.2 percent ABV. The flavor profile of Plymouth gin includes earthy tones, crisp juniper, and lemon in classic drinks like Gin Martinis and Gimlets, though.

Original Plymouth English Gin РThe aroma is both savory and sweet. Orange rinds drying and fresh juice.  Plymouth Gin has a quayside site and has historically sold a lot of products to the British Royal Navy.

Plymouth Gin has a long, interesting, and stormy history. To learn more about the history, it is definitely worthwhile to visit Black Friars Distillery. A traditional gin, Plymouth Gin is a pleasing blend of juniper, earthiness, and citrus.

It’s a really solid formula, which results in an excellent Gin, therefore there’s a reason for this. The flavors are primarily earthy with a little citrus undertone and a protracted cardamom finish. This gin is wonderful in a Gin & Tonic, amazing in cocktails, and perfect for Martinis. This indicates that there is no longer an issue as of the writing of this.



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