Pinch Scotch 750ml

Pinch Scotch 750ml the oldest scotch whisky is Haig Whisky, which may also be the oldest whisky ever discover. Since John.




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Pinch Scotch 750ml the oldest scotch whisky is Haig Whisky, which may also be the oldest whisky ever discover. Since John Haig created it in the old Cameronbridge Distillery in Scotland in 1824, Haig whisky has a rich history.

Product Overview

From these modest origins, Haig Whisky swiftly rose to become one of the most well-known and successful Scotch whisky in the world before going into decline some 30 years ago when it was taken over by a string of large international beverage firms.

The distillery, which is now under Diageo’s hands, has grown steadily and is one of the biggest in Europe. The US version of Haig Dimple is  Haig Dimple Pinch, which is also a reference to the bottle’s distinctive form.

The more upscale brethren of Haig Gold blended whisky, Haig Pinch and Dimple have whiskies from Glenkinchie and Linkwood as well as an age statement of 15 years. For the American market, Haig Whisky produces Haig Pinch, which was bottle at a somewhat stronger 43% ABV.

Tasting of Notes

NOTES ON THE TASTING OF HAIG DIMPLE PINCH SCOTCH WHISKY Nose Burnt oak and caramel To accentuate the nose, try a quick burst of water. Taste Despite a 15-year age claim, this real man’s whisky can first burn the taste buds with 43% alcohol.

You’ll want more though because it quickly calms down to a warm, creamy caramel malty smoothness that is touch with oak. Finish a Short finish that is earthy with heavy peat, burnt caramel, and sea salt undertones. Haig Dimple Pinch Whisky, according to Stuart, is similar to a British mobster from the 1960s.

It would be a vintage Jaguar from the 1960s if it were a car. Rough edges that are never too close to the surface are smooth and refined while still keeping you on your toes. Daniel Craig or Sean Connery wearing an Armani suit. It might also become David Beckham’s next whisky if Diageo follows my prediction.

In order to advance the newly converted Haig Club Drinkers to the next Two Pooka level on their developing whisky journey, they can choose to reintroduce Dimple Pinch.

In the American TV series Breaking Bad, Walter White orders Haig Dimple Pinch Neat as his favorite beverage, and Dimple Pinch has since gained cult status. I believe I said British Gangsters.



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