Old Raj Gin Blue Label 110 Proof 750ml

Buy Old Raj Gin Blue Label 110 Proof 750ml Online: The Best Gin for a Cold Martini! made from traditional London Dry Gin botanicals and finished.



Buy Old Raj Gin Blue Label 110 Proof 750ml Online – For Sale

Buy Old Raj Gin Blue Label 110 Proof 750ml Online best Gin for a cold Martini! Made from traditional London Dry Gin Botanicals and finished with real Saffron which adds to a slightly spicy flavor.

Scotland’s oldest independent bottler, WM Cadenhead, is situated in Campletown. They use saffron, one of the most valuable ingredients in the world, to flavor their Old Raj gin. It has a softly yellow tint and a little peppery flavor. San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition Gold Medalist.

After adding our exclusive blend of Cotswolds lavender, bay leaf, grapefruit, lime, black pepper, and cardamom seed, we distill it in a custom Holstein pot still before adding naturally filtered Cotswolds water to complete the process.  This gin tastes great.

Saffron-flavored Cadenhead’s Old Raj Dry Gin is flavored with a variety of herbs and spices. Since the 1970s, it has been distilled in Scotland by William Cadenhead Ltd. Notes on the taste Light saffron yellow in color. Spices and herbs dominate the nose. Taste: well-balanced, melodic, peppery, citrus fruit and saffron undertones, flowery undertones. Long-lasting finish.

Wow. Where has Cadenhead’s Gin been all of our lives? (all of our lives after the legal drinking age, of course). The saffron gives this navy strength in its extremely pale yellow color. As a side note, Ungava Gin is also the color of sunshine if you have a thing for yellow gin (we won’t blame you for this) (see our A-Z gin reviews page).

When you taste this gin, you notice how subtly the saffron flavor is present. It’s undoubtedly present, but the main botanicals have a great deal of harmony with it. Orange flavors were also there, but an overall sense of earthy sweetness predominates. The variety of descriptions we use is interesting since it shows



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