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Old Forester 150th Anniversary Batch 3 Bourbon whisky Bourbon Column from Kentucky’s eighteenth century has sweet and fresh flavors refined from Ohio Valley corn mellowed with the essence of vanilla and caramel normally extracted from new, burned oak barrels.

Appreciate on the rocks or with your #1 mixed drink recipe. Old Forester 150th Commemoration Whiskey respects George Garvin’s unique interaction and addresses a coordinated effort between expert distiller Chris Morris and expert tester Jackie Zykan.

About This Item

It highlights four 375-mL containers of Remus Annulment Save from Series I, II, III, and IV. The Remus Cancellation Hold Series has turned into a profoundly expected discharge for purchasers.

The Narrative

Brown-Forman was established in 1870 by George Garvin Brown. At the time, he was a youthful drug sales rep in Louisville with a plan to sell excellent bourbon in fixed glass bottles. He began J.T.S. Brown and Brother with a relative.

They sold their bourbon in fixed-glass bottles as a confirmation of its value. The underlying lead brand was Old Forester Kentucky Straight Whiskey Bourbon. Owsley Brown, George Garvin Earthy colored’s child, applied for and got a permit to bottle whisky for restorative purposes in 1920. Brown-Forman would ultimately obtain the Jack Daniel Refinery in 1956.




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