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Old Crofter Blended Scotch Whisky A lovely half gallon of 86-proof Old Crofter Kentucky Straight Bourbon from 1969. Since the metric liter took the place of the US gallon in 1976, the measurement system used by this bottle is outdated.
The modern half-gallon is 1.75 liters, but the outmoded half-gallon is around 1.89 liters. Additionally, this bottle’s import from Italy claims to contain 1.94L. It’s confusing, we admit. The enormously popular Old Crow accidentally altered the sour mash distilling conditions when they expanded their distillery in the 1960s.
The flavor of the finished bourbon was altered as a result. It took years to fix the error. Since this was some of the last bourbons made before the incident, it is really fantastic! Please be aware that this Old Crow 1969 Half Gallon requires 3 spaces in a package owing to its size.

Old Crofter Bottled in a Bond Pint, 1936

The next lot is for a gorgeous bottle of bourbon that was produced in the middle of the 1930s. One of Kentucky’s first bourbon brands, Old Crofter was developed in the 1830s by Scottish immigrant and Master Distiller James C. Crofter of the Old Oscar Pepper distillery.

He was a pioneer in the application of scientific techniques to maintain the caliber of his whisky. W.A. Gaines bought the brand and started the Old Crofter distillery. After purchasing both during Prohibition, National Distillers manufactured the brand up until 1987, when Jim Beam bought them.

Jim Beam then closed the distillery and shifted production to their site in Clermont. The whisky was made in the spring of 1936 and bottled in the fall of 1940, according to the tax strip on the bottle’s neck.

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