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Buy Mr Stacks Sour Apple Schnapps Online sweet flavor of apples with a puckering finish in the USA. This is a necessity for the ideal Appletini due to the sweet and sour combination. Also fantastic as a mixer in various drinks or enjoyed on its own.

What does sour apple schnapps taste like?

Clean and strongly reminiscent of green apples; mouth-puckeringly tart.

What is sour apple schnapps?

A green (sour) apple, like a Granny Smith, has a flavor profile similar to that of DeKuyper’s Sour Apple Pucker, an apple-flavored schnapps. 15.0% alcohol by volume (30° proof) drinks that contain apple schnapps. Advertisement.

What is the best brand of apple schnapps?

Some of the most well-known apple schnapps in the US is produced by DeKuyper, a Dutch company that was established in 1695.

Does sour apple schnapps have alcohol in them?

liqueur imitating DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker Sweet & Sour Schnapps. Alcohol content: 15% (30 proof). 30/200 ml.



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