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Buy Mr. Stacks Butterscotch Schnapps Online of butterscotch, with a wonderful aftertaste of maple syrup and peanut brittle. captures the candy-like sweetness of butterscotch, which is the ideal compliment to a cocktail. Try it in popular shooter recipes or a Caramel Apple Martini.

What kind of alcohol is butterscotch schnapps?

Butterscotch schnapps is a liqueur or schnapps with a butterscotch flavor. Brown sugar and butter are combined to create the flavor of butterscotch. The most well-known is Buttershots, prepared by De Kuyper in the Netherlands using Jamaica rum and neutral spirits and flavored with vanilla and butterscotch.

Can you drink schnapps by itself?

After dinner, schnapps is typically enjoyed, and many of them are flavorful enough to be consumed on their own. After dinner, it’s customary in Germany to drink a shot of schnapps to help with digestion. The best way to serve schnapps is in a tiny glass at room temperature.

Is schnapps strong alcohol?

German speakers refer to strong alcoholic beverages with flavors such as fruit, herbs, and spices as “schnapps,” either through the distillation process or by blending the flavors with a neutral spirit.


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