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Buy Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin 375ml Online predominantly unusual but regional botanicals such as lingonberries blended with natural spring water. Juniper is prominent on the nose, and intense herbal notes rise up. Monkey 47 takes a sweet and fruity turn at the end. Rated 99 pts by

Very appealing nose with typical London rum Dry characteristics and a hint of spice. Both the nose and the mouth are fresh and crisp. Quite complicated. Good overall harmony and a sassy, new finish.

It brings out its harmonic and decisive knowledge whether you sip it slowly or use it as a base for cocktails. Monkey 47 combines England’s noble traditions, India’s exotic flavor, and the Black Forest’s distinctive purity and character.


Max, the Java monkey owned by Commander Montgomery Collins, inspired the name of the Monkey 47 gin, which also contains 47 different plant species. We found “Max the Monkey, Black Forest Dry Gin.” Montgomery Collins, a Royal Air Force pilot who enjoyed gin and travel and had worked on the post-World War II renovation of the Berlin Zoo, wrote the letter with the intention of aiding Max, a Java macaque.

Lots made by hand using all kinds of botanicals in specially made 100-liter copper stills and Black Forest spring water. This is not your typical dry gin. The Black Forest, his British history, and Indian flavors served as inspiration for him as he set out to develop a complex gin that was unlike any other. He gave it the name Max the Monkey (after an actual monkey he befriended at the Berlin Zoo).

A remarkable gin recipe from the Black Forest was revealed to Alexander Stein, a descendant of the Jacobi Brandy family, in 2006. Fast forward 50 years to that point.



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