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Mi Familia Flores Reserva Suprema 750ml Mexico – Reserva Suprema is age 24 months in French Oak Cognac barrels. This enhances the natural flavors of hand-select bake agave resulting in a smooth profile characterized by notes of soft caramel, rich chocolate, and sweet honey. A fine addition to your Tequila collection.

An extraordinary tequila in a novel container, taste Mi Familia  Suprema Anejo flawless or appreciate on the rocks!

Vision, wisdom, and diligence is the beginning point to impart to you, This brings out the natural flavors of the hand-selected baked agave, enhancing them, and creating a smooth profile with notes of rich chocolate, sweet honey, and soft caramel. a wonderful expansion to your tequila collection.

Cada tequila tiene su propia “huella computerized de sabor”, y cada persona tiene sus propias preferencias de sabor. Nuestro algoritmo utiliza nueve características diferentes para encontrar las mejores coincidencias para ti. Y se vuelve más inteligente cuanto más la usas. Descarga la aplicación hoy, es complimentary, y deja que Tequila Go between descubra tus propias preferencias de sabor.

100% agave used in Amatitan, Jalisco. aged for 20 months in former whisky barrels made of American oak. On the rocks, have fun. 100% of the agave used to make Mi Familia Flores Reserva Suprema Anejo came from Amatitan in Jalisco, Mexico.

The palate is rich with caramel, butterscotch, agave, and honey, and the finish lingers with citrus and herbal notes. The nose is gentle, with hints of fresh agave and vanilla. spent two months aging in American oak barrels, which gives the citrus and cooked agave flavors a hint of woodiness.

  • Look at Golden sparkles in a crystal-clear pool.
  • Aromatic: Subtle hints of vanilla and fresh agave.
  • Gustatory: Caramel tones with agave and honey as the concluding notes
  • 750mL bottle size



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