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Mi Familia Flores Anejo 750ml Mexico- Made in Amatitan, Jalisco using 100% agave. Aged in ex-whiskey American oak barrels for 20 months. Time in barrel sweetens the natural flavor of the agave creating caramel and herbal tones. Enjoy on the rocks.

Mi Familia Flores 750ML – Matured in American oak barrels for quite some time, getting woody and caramel notes and smells. Sweet-smelling spices and cooked agave are seen in their flavor. It gets its variety on account of its twofold filtration.

Tasting Notes

  • Color – Crystalline with intense silver sparkles
  • Nose – Strong aroma cooked agave and honey Gustatory Sweet tones with final notes of agave and honey.

Due to its manufactured caramel and vanilla undertones, which are unheard of in Silver Tequila, Mi Familia Flores does not taste like tequila.

The Adictivo Tequila’s flavor profile and bottle design are knockoffs, and both contain artificially sweetened overtones. Mi Familia Flores is suitable for you if you are a novice tequila drinker seeking an excessively sweet entry-level bottle.

This tequila has the same appearance, flavor, and artificial undertones as Adictivo. The last Tequila with comparable qualities is Dame Mas Extra Aejo, despite the fact that it comes in a stunning bottle that resembles Clase Azul.

The best tequilas for making margaritas are pungent, peppery, and extremely inexpensive; MI Familia Flores lacks these qualities. If you hear someone say that you need to spend more than $30 USD on a Tequila to make a Marge, assume that they are lying.

How old is extra anejo?

Tequila that has matured is called extra aejo. Extra aejo designates that the spirit must mature for a minimum of four years, usually in oak barrels. Although several distilleries utilize a variety of wood barrels to age extra aejo tequila, American and French oak are the most common.



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