Massenez Poire In Bottle 750ml

Massenez Poire In Bottle 750ml Williams pear is pure and typically bland without any odd notes. 100% original Place your order now!







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Massenez Poire In Bottle 750ml Williams Pear is pure and typically bland without any rum odd notes. The quality of the original fruit selection and the careful distillation are evidenced by the powerful nose. Fruity, lingering, and incredibly enticing fragrance.


The Pear’s rounded texture is clearly discernible. An extremely intense flowery flavor provides remarkable freshness in the mouth. With an initial impression of fresh fruit being layered by ripe fruit and marmalade or jam, this note is intensely delicious. Endnote with a strong spicy overtone and a trace of the licorice found in Williams pears.

No additional scents, colors, or preservatives are added to any Massenez products; they are all entirely natural. Massenez has decided to keep using conventional distillation techniques while also meeting the demands of contemporary manufacturing.

Product Details

When pear tree fruit starts to form in the spring, it is captured within a bottle that is hanging from the tree. The pear then develops inside the bottle until it reaches its ideal size.

Before adding the final Eau-de-Vie, which will soak up the flavors of the ripe fruit, the bottles are placed in various alcohol baths and then taken down with their fruit. Each bottle has its own personality due to yearly climate fluctuations and the vagaries of nature.

G. E. Massenez

The expertise and legacy of the G. E. Massenez distillery have been passed down from father to son, producing Eaux de vie that are especially prized in the Alsace region. Since industrial production techniques are not advantageous for Eaux de vie, G. E. Massenez has opted to keep the old techniques in use. Only the best fruits are used, and the distilled mixture is then matured for a long time before being bottled.

Eau de Vie of Captive Pear

How is a pear contained in a bottle possible? The solution is simpler than you would imagine. In the spring, a pear tree’s empty bottle is fastened below a shoot, allowing the shoot to develop into the bottle. When fully ripe, the pear and bottle are carefully separated, cleaned, and then filled with pear eau de vie. As long as the pear is immersed in its eau de vie bath, it remains fresh.







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