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Buy Martell L’or 750ml Online is made from more than 300 different Eaux-de-vie and is matured for many years in oak barrels. The color is copper-gold. black fruits with a strong, deep aroma. refined and flavorful, with hints of honey, toffee, and old wood. Very smooth with a hint of spice at the end. Exquisite.

Is Martell VSOP a cognac?

The youngest Eaux-de-vie in the Martell VSOP blend has matured for at least four years. Martell VSOP is an authentic representation of the Martell aesthetic, being graceful and harmonious.

Is Martell a good cognac?

Martell Cognac is among the best you can buy and is produced by one of the oldest cognac houses. It was even served on the Orient Express and requested for the wedding of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly. The cognac firm uses fine-grain oak casks, giving each combination a delicate woody taste.

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