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Maker’s Mark 101 Proof Whisky at our distillery, we have provided distinguished visitors with the chance to taste our famous whisky at a higher proof for decades. This was something my parents and grandparents performed to show how excellent our whisky is when batched a little bolder. Our delicate red winter wheat retains the mouthwatering, front-of-the-tongue whiskey flavor.

At a higher proof, it just tastes richer and more powerful. Due to the fact that not everyone can go to our tiny distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, we have bottled this special 101-proof edition so that you can also taste our refined wheat whisky’s stronger side.

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Despite the fact that it was a distillery-only release, a fellow Bourbonr’s generosity allowed me to obtain a bottle. Maker’s Mark 101, which debuted in 2011, is just an ordinary Maker’s Mark with the addition of toasted French oak and an extra two to three months of aging. The version for casks is between 108 and 114 proof (mine is 108.9).

Review of Maker’s 101 Cask Strength

The bottle is what I first notice about 101. It has a little M101 bottle-like form. It bears the MM red wax top and red wax seal as a trademark. My bottle’s label isn’t even straight. The way Maker’s Mark is marketing the bottle is very amusing. Look at the M101. M101CS resembles the sample bottles I offer friends more than M101. But I’m not here to evaluate the bottle; I’m here to evaluate the bottle’s contents.

The aroma is sweet, resembling burnt sugar or toffee. There are some dark fruits and a dash of cinnamon. After tasting it multiple times, I can say that it has a pleasant flavor but isn’t particularly complex. Although I was looking for oak, the finish barely has any indication of wood. M101CS is decent but not worth getting excited about. When it becomes available at retail, $38 will get you a 375 ml bottle. Although you’ll appreciate the pour, I wouldn’t look outside of retail or pay more than that.


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