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Buy Le Reviseur XO Petite Champagne 750ml Online red berries, raisins, cherry preserves, and poppy seeds. The palate entry is sleet and woody sweet; the mid-palate finds flavors of pipe tobacco, marzipan, dark caramel, fudge, and chocolate orange. Finishes stately and vivacious.

Is XO a wine?

Cognac’s official quality grade is X.O. (“Extra Old”).

Will a little Champagne get you drunk?

Since champagne typically contains 11% to 13% alcohol (22 to 26 proof), it only takes 2 standard servings to make you intoxicated.

How do you drink XO?

Cocktails are only one of the many applications for the younger cognac varieties, VS and VSOP.  If you’re sipping cognac neat, add a little cold water to help bring out the aroma.

Should you put champagne in the fridge?

Champagne should not be kept in the refrigerator, either temporarily or permanently (unless you are chilling it to serve), as the light from the refrigerator, along with the refrigerator motor and temperature changes from repeatedly opening and closing the door,

Is XO or VSOP better?

Is VSOP superior to XO? A VSOP cognac must mature for a minimum of four years, whereas an XO cognac must age for a minimum of ten.

How long will Champagne last unopened?

The best course of action is to leave the bottle as is and make sure that you store it properly if you intend to save a nice bottle of bubbly for a special occasion. Champagne has an unopened shelf life of three to four years for non-vintage champagne and five to ten years for vintage champagne.


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