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Ch De Laubade 21Yr Armagnac 750ml established a House of Cognac in 1847 that was daring, lively, and innovative in his own way. He stood for a young generation that was eager for achievement and fresh knowledge. His aspirations were motivated by his love of cognac.

The Ch De Laubade places a high priority on quality control throughout the whole cognac-making process.

In Gascony, where it began in 1870, Chateau de Laubade now cultivates 260 acres of grapes for its brandies. One of Laubade’s claims to fame, if not the whole thing, is that it is one of the few estates that grow all four varieties of grapes permitted for Armagnac: ugni blanc, Folle Blanche, colombard, and bacon. It also happens to be the region’s biggest producer of bacon grapes.


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A very uncommon 12-year-old bottle of Savanna distillery, Reunion Island, agricultural rum from the 2005 vintage. This process began in 2007. It is exceptional goodness in the rum industry.

We may increase the unique characteristics of the lengthy fermentation carried out by the Savanna, soften the scents of agricultural rum, and enrich the tastes of sugar cane by aging in a single ex-Porto barrel.


An outstanding Agricole rum! Savanna distillery’s 2005 vintage agricultural rum single cask ex-Porto goes well with robust and flavorful cigars like Cohiba Piramides or Cohiba Maduro.

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Final exchanges take place in British Pounds (£). I can vouch for the fact that it is all of that because I just left the tasting room. You won’t find a 21-year for less than $100 a bottle very often, let alone from one of the most illustrious estates in the entire Bas Armagnac region.

Since 1974, the Lesgourgues family has been managing the estate, and Arnaud and Denis Lesgourgues are currently in charge. Their rule has been incredibly successful. In the past three decades, Château de Laubade has won more than 120 medals at contests for spirits and received a prestigious industry honor: designation as a “World Class Distillery” at the World Spirits Awards.

France: Aged in barrels made of Gascony wood for a minimum of 21 years. limited to the Estate’s one vineyard and produced there. This unique Bas Armagnac is full of butterscotch, dried fruit, and a dash of spice. Enjoyed best neat.











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