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Kura The Whisky outstanding “Kura The Whisky,” produced in the most southern part of Japan, is the result of meticulous maturation in American White Oak.

Its exceptional sweet perfume and characteristic mellow flavor are both products of the Japanese rum casks in which they were finish. It permeates the distinctive Okinawa islands and gives them a premium feel. extremely modest production numbers.

The Whisky Rum Cask Finish From Helios Distillery’s Kura

The first brand-new whisky in several years has been made available by Helios Distillery, one of Japan’s southernmost distilleries: KURA The WHISKY Rum Cask Finish.

To be clear, this is importe Scottish malt whisky with a rum cask finish. Even now, I can’t recall the last time Helios made their own whisky and released it.

Late in 2016, we did see “Reki,” but I don’t believe Helios distilled that either. In fact, I believed they completely ceased whisky production! This bottle demonstrates that. Maybe the Nikka Rum Wood Finish releases from the previous year gave them the idea to try a rum cask finish.

How Gary Feels

Aroma: Herbaceous, salty, iodized, peaty, with vanilla overtones and a hint of smoke.
Peat, sweet honey and vanilla, melon, and vegetal aromas come next on the palate.
Medium-length finish with flavors of peat and vegetation.

Concerning Kura Japanese Whisky

A pure malt produced in Japan is the Kura Rum Cask. The Helios distillery, a company well renowned for its rum, has began experimenting with whisky production.

In reality, the malt is matured in rum barrels, which adds to its richness. Pure malt is a whisky blend that contains only single malts and is created purely from malted barley as opposed to other grains.

This Japanese whisky is only available online and at a few select stores in Malta and Gozo. Free delivery is available for purchases over 50 euros.





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