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Buy Kujira 20-Year Ryukyu Whisky 750ml Online Kujira Single Grain uses the power of time to create an unmatched blend of deep scents, rich flavors, and amazing smoothness. It is regarded as one of Okinawa’s best bottles of island whisky.

Summertime whisky. really sweet and has a pear liqueur-like scent. You can taste a sweetness that is reminiscent of rice wine (sake). Although wonderful, this whisky is rather unique. My wife enjoys it a lot;) Unlike most whiskies, but still, I suppose whisky.

In 1952, the Kumesen Distillery, often known as Kumesen Syuzo, was established in Okinawa, Japan. Awamori, a Shochu beverage distilled from unique Indica rice and sold at 30–40% ABV, was their initial offering. Then, in 1989, they started aging their Awamori in oak casks to produce a whisky made from rice.

Kujira Single Grain 20 Year Is 100% Japanese With Rice From A Single Distillery, Produced In Small Batches With The Same Ingredients And Centuries Old Tradition That Makes Okinawa Special Where Others Supplement Grain Whisky To Increase Production.

pleasant remarks The flavors are as follows: sweet up front, hot, peppery, and cinnamon in the middle, and leather/cigar towards the back. Excellent legs and a long finish. This whisky is fantastic!

Fruity, tart apple on the nose; is there a slight acetone present? In contrast to other Japanese whiskies, this one has more apple/fruity, toffee/caramel, and a slight heat to it.

Fruit, vanilla, and cinnamon are the first smells that come to mind. The first sip offers flavors of pear, vanilla, honey, and cinnamon. with a grainy, peppery aftertaste that lingers on the tongue’s tip.

Why do people love it?

Apple, pear, tropical, and fruit flavor characteristics distinguish the meticulously distilled Kujira Ryukyu INARI Japanese Rice Whisky from other whiskies produced at Matsui Shuzo Distillery.




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