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Kentucky Owl Batch #9 Bourbon Whiskey was released, and it has a beautiful complex sweetness of fruit and creamy notes across the front palate.

Kentucky Owl Catch #9 Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes

Nose: Cinnamon and vanilla, oak.

Palate: A union of the sweet fruitiness from white grape and creamy notes of cinnamon roll and vanilla, the liquid crawls back for significant oak, honeysuckle, and caramel notes, and ends with a spice finish that stretches across the back of the palate.
Finish: Spicy Finish.

Distillery Information

Over the years the company has bottled Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys that range from 2 years of aging maturity all the way up to 28 years.

Whiskey made from straight In 1879, local pharmacist Charles Mortimer Dedman invented Kentucky Owl.

 Dedman Distillery. It was a profitable industry.

“My grandfather used to tell us that if he ever won the lottery, he’d do two things,” says Dixon Dedman. Virginia Owl Local pharmacist Charles Mortimer Dedman invented Kentucky Owl.

Kentucky Owl Straight Whiskey Bourbon Clump 10 750ml

Ships within New York State. Subtle floral and fruity notes come next, and it ends with a spicy bite at the back of the palate. Batch 9 carries on the illustrious tradition of barrel-proof whiskeys that made Kentucky Owl famous. The first flavors of Batch 9 include crisp citrus, velvety dark chocolate, and sticky toffee. The palate features a pleasant medley of rich cinnamon, honeyed bread, allspice, and old oak.




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