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Jollite Armagnac 1979 750ml is exceedingly impressive and demonstrates why it is the king of brandies with its delicate, sensuous, smooth-bodied character.

Tasting Notes

This wine has a medium-plus strength, aromatic and floral nose with notes of caramel, clove, and vanilla baking spice, fig, allspice, nutmeg, and brioche. It is medium-intensity amber in color.

The dry, medium-plus-body Armagnac has extra notes of caramel, cinnamon, and hazelnut on top of the delicate, medium-intensity flavors that were indicated on the scent. It is smooth and creamy in texture.

The wine is rich and well-balanced without any overpowering alcohol overtones, precisely like a superb Armagnac ought to be.


The art of Cognac selection doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. But just how good a Cognac can you buy without breaking the bank?  But who to entrust with this crucial task? The Cognac Expert team put their heads together and agreed that was definitely a task for Sophie’s fastidious palate.


Coffee cake with a rich caramel taste in the mouth. Douro, Portugal – You can smell the fragrances of almonds, raisins, and old oak as these wines age for an average of ten years in small oak casks.

Nice length at the conclusion.

a memorial to his grandfather Jean, who took home the Grand Prix des Eaux-de-Vie at the Brussels International Exhibition in 1897.

After a chocolate dessert or vanilla Norwegian omelet and a coffee on a Davidoff or Cohiba, the ideal occasion.

In every situation, it is certain that Armagnac is a fine product that warms the heart and relaxes the stomach. People often confuse Armagnac with Cognac, which is also a distillation of cheap white wine and is not actually located in Bordeaux. Men drank Maar Cognac in two or three sips and Armagnac in one.

When drinking Cognac, the second distillation contains 70% alcohol; whereas, when drinking Armagnac, the alcohol percentage after distillation is often no higher than 63°. Therefore, more components of the original wine are present in Armagnac. Therefore, the most recent has more flavor and character.

De-ripping is also a crucial component. When making Cognac, one uses a different eikenhout than when making Armagnac. In the Gascony, they use donor hair, which imparts a lot of flavor, color, and aroma.







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