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Johnnie Walker Game Of Thrones 750ml this blend uses peated malt from Caol Ila for a light smoke, drawing inspiration from Daenerys Targaryen’s animals of the sky. It’s best to drink this mix straight up for a warm, smooth finish.
The saga of Game of Thrones has always been divid into two halves. The inevitable collision of two primordial elements will ultimately be known as A Song of Ice and Fire. Drink responsibly, please.

Product Description

The House Stark from the Song of Ice and Fire book series, best known by its television version, Game of Thrones, is honored by the name of this pale gold, limited-edition dram, according to critics.

It has a nose of vanilla sponge cake sweetness, dry grasses, green melon, spring blooms, white pepper, and a very slight hint of peppermint.

Notes On Tasting:

Burnt orange in color. Fresh molasses, vanilla, sherry, and zesty aromas. Light-bodied, with flavors of Truba, fruit orchard, peach, and nectarine. John Walker’s And Sons are the producers.

Scotland is the place. House Targaryen and House Stark. : 40.2% alcohol.

Product Description

Johnnie Walker’s A Song of Ice and Fire The nation of origin for A Song of Ice 1L is Scotland. contains a one-liter proportion of alcohol: 40.2%

Regarding this product

Ice dams rivers and sculpts mountains. It is a harsh force that hardens everything it comes into contact with. House Stark is the embodiment of ice, providing the North with a power that no other nation possesses.

Winter is coming, and the Direwolf in the Stark symbol bares its fangs. It howls its passage from A Song Of Ice And Fire like a cold north wind. Walker Johnnie The wild inhabitants of the North served as the inspiration for the blended Scotch whisky A Song of Ice.

The mix has a crisp, clean flavor thanks to malts from Clynelish, one of Scotland’s most northern distilleries. The delicate flavor of the blend is lush and green with hints of vanilla and tropical fruit. The best way to drink this blended Scotch whisky is over ice for a cool, smooth finish.



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