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Buy Hine 250th Anniv Baccarat Decanter 750ml Online this wine exhibits notes of tropical fruit, honey, apricot, dry fig, licorice, spices, and cloves. The cognac has peppery aromatic undertones, and the careful use of oak results in a clear, wealthy, and nuanced spirit. sip neat.

Due to the odd weather that year—it was the driest year of the 20th century—François and Robert Hine, who controlled the business in the 1950s, thought 1953 was a particularly special vintage. This is an unusual purchase because just 250 bottles were made.

According to Eric Forget, current cellar master at Hine, “these especially challenging weather conditions in 1953 have given these Cognac traits which have demanded extensive maturing.” Since I became Hine’s cellar master, I’ve tasted each Cognac annually to track how they’re aging and how they might develop. I’ll only state that this Cognac alone has

The project to make this decanter began in 2005 when Andrée Putman visited Jarnac at Bernard Hine’s request to make the decanter commemorating the 250th anniversary.

Putman was able to acquire insight into Hine Cognac’s core operations during his visit, and the end result is an excellent bottle that honors the legacy of this legendary cognac firm.


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