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Hennessy XO Cognac 750ml the Original Hennessy X.O is Hennessy Maison’s defining symbol. Sweet Notes: The flavors of candied fruit warmly welcome the palette. Rising Heat: An intense, rising heat that is exciting to experience slowly unveils the rich flavor of Eaux-de-vie that has been patiently age in oak barrels.

A wave of warmth that is constantly ebbing and flowing. There is a strong, sensuous presence.  Unending Echo: It seems to go on forever.


Its strong, dark amber hue serves as a symbol of its toughness. Its harmonious blend of candied fruit flavors and delicate, gently spicy aroma is a testament to its roundness. To taste, a rich, smooth feeling imparts a tone that is both strong and delicate, with a warm fruity presence and a trace of cocoa. The intricate mixing and lengthy age of the cognac are fully expressed in the lengthy finish.

Tasting Notes

Hennessy X.O is a rich, full-bodied, and complex liqueur that combines leather and oak’s smoky smells with florals and ripe fruit’s softer notes.

How to enjoy Hennesy X.O

Hennessy X.O has traditionally been savory after a nice dinner, but more and more people are learning about the additional benefits of X.O “On the Rocks.” To release the blend’s fragrances, only add one or two ice cubes and a “splash” of water.

This vintage Cognac’s rich scents result from the use of about 100 long-aged Eaux-de-vie. Its rich, golden color and lovely gold highlights emit a light spice that blends flawlessly with the flavors of candied fruit.

The palate is lined with hints of chocolate and sweet fruits thanks to the beverage’s generous and silky mouthfeel. Its lengthy finish is evidence of the blend’s excellence and development. With a splash of sparkling or still water, to be served straight, on the rocks, or allongé.






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