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Hennessy VS Cognac 1.75l origins date back to 1765. The Hennesy Cognac Distillery was established by an Irish Jacobite colonel who had served in Louis XV‘s army. He established the distillery and start exporting his goods to the UK and Ireland after retiring to the cognac area.

One of the “big four” cognac makers in the world today (who together make up over 85% of the cognac consumed worldwide). The biggest of the four, Hennessy, produces about 70 million bottles of cognac annually.

These include maturing for a minimum of two years in Limousin or Tronçais oak casks and twice distilling particular grape varietals in copper pot stills. The Master Blender is in charge of monitoring this procedure to guarantee quality.

A full-bodied cognac is the end product of this blending and knowledge. It features distinct spice aromas along with a well-known smoothness and a hint of sweetness. Rich dried fruit and berry flavors combine with a mild nuttiness that the cognac gains from its time spent aging on wood. All of these are complete by comforting vanilla.


Richard Hennessy, an Irish commander in Louis XV’s service, founded the Maison Hennessy in 1765. Richard identified his business opportunity in the richest soil of the Cognac region and the best media to make his cognac known. The first shipment of Hennessy cognac to the United States of America arrived in 1794.

Hennessy VS is the most well-known cognac in the world and a benchmark in the art of blending. It is a multi-century statement of knowledge and reliability. Hennessy V.S. exposes its liveliness whether sipped neat, on ice, or with a mixer thanks to its strong aromas and full-bodied flavors.

Having a rich and substantial texture, and deep amber. Hennessy VS combines a robust, fruity flavor with nicely oaky undertones.

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In order to produce the most flavorful, delicate Eaux-de-vie, each batch of wine is double-distill. Hennessy V.S., or Very Special, combines a strong, fruity flavor with pleasantly oaky undertones. Strong aromas evoke toast almonds and are baked with vivacious notes that remind of fresh grapes.





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