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Buy Grand Mayan Extra Aged Anejo Tequila 750ml Online from Mexico has been aged for more than 3 years and is so rich that it is hard to tell it from other high-quality aged spirits. Nuts have a delicious scent to the nostrils. luscious on the palate and produces a rich, scrumptious finish.

What is the difference between Anejo and Extra Anejo?

Enjoy: Tequilas matured in wood barrels for one to three years. Extra Anejo is at least three years old. Mixto: Tequila that is less than 100% blue agave and is typically blended with sweets or other alcoholic beverages.

How Old Is Grand Mayan tequila?

Grand Mayan Ultra Matured is aged in new American white oak for almost 3 years resulting in a rich spirit with a dark mahogany color. Rich flavors of roasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate,

Is Anejo the smoothest?

Due to their milder flavor, Anejo tequilas, which range in age from one to three years, are regarded as the greatest variety of tequila for sipping. Aejo tequilas are darker than reposado tequilas and are described as “vintage.”

What is Mexico’s best-selling tequila?

Unpretentious 100% agave mixer that is inexpensive ($12 USD in Wal-Mart Mexico).


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