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Grand Mayan Extra Aged Anejo Tequila 1.75l As if enveloped in a delicate oaky frame, creamier notes emerge to the surface. Orange crème brûlée. sweetened fruit (tangerine, pineapple). Pralines. Whisky-soaked raisins in a Dundee cake.  Local artists in Mexico City hand-painted these stunning bottles.

From agave plant to bottle, this rich small-batch extra Anejo takes ten years to develop. Amazingly smooth aromas, with a body of chocolate, blue agave, and sweet nuts.

Grand Mayan Has An Unparalleled Deep And Long-Lasting Finish And Dances On The Palate.  Mexican artisans hand-paint our decanters in Mexico City.


M.S. Walker announced the Grand Mayan Tequila’s selection as an American importer today. Three premium tequilas, Grand Mayan Silver, Grand Mayan Ultra Aged, and Grand Mayan Single Barrel, are currently available in the Grand Mayan line.

The three slow distillations of Grand Mayan Silver (80°; SRP: $69.99 for 750mL) produce a light, crystal-clear tequila with notes of citrus and fresh agave that blends seamlessly into practically any cocktail. Grand Mayan Single Barrel (80°; SRP: $149.99 for 750mL) is a premium product for the real enthusiast. According to Gary Shaw, Executive VP of National Sales at M.S.

Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Tequila has a dark color and a distinct perfume that smells delicious like nuts. The flavor is exceptional, incredibly smooth, and pleasing to the palette. Tequila Anejo Extra (ultra-aged) Any Tequila that has matured for more than three years is now classified as “Ultra Aged” since it is so rich and difficult to identify from other high-quality aged spirits. This new classification was added in the summer of 2006.

Does tequila expire?

Can tequila spoil? Tequila won’t spoil, although it could lose some of its flavor and quality with time. Before you freak out, take note that this only occurs when something is carelessly stored or unsealed and left exposed to the air for a long time.








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