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 De Fussigny Extra Cognac 750ml Clément employs its most exquisite and historic parts to create its Cuvée Homère, a true benchmark among agricultural rums. This bottle, an homage to one of Martinique’s iconic people, is the best representative of the strength and richness of “pure cane juice.” This most conclusive agreement will be appreciated by fans of the strong-character vitolas.

The Extra transports the senses on a voyage through the most intense winter smells since it is made exclusively from Grande Champagne, the first growth of Cognac.


Orange, cherry, and prune candied fruit scents blend with warm pastry notes to create an elegant and sophisticated beginning. The following are rancio, spices, and licorice. The second sniff exhibits the same aromas as the first, plus a few more, including those of dried coconut, sweet spices, spicy vanilla, and old oak.

The Mouth

Long, robust, and highly round with a honeyed mouthfeel coating the palate. Balanced structure. The mouth contains the fragrant notes present in the bouquet. The following are white fruit undertones with ripe plum and pear combining well with orange jam and melting oak aromas.

Eventually, aromas of vanilla, cocoa, and soft caramel gradually appear. The finish is long and tends to have notes of rancio and cigar box.


An exquisite cognac meant to be consumed neat on a special occasion. Any chocolate, vanilla, or caramelized dish as well as any cigar pair nicely with it.

Product Information

Enjoy a neat drink. A. de Fussigny XO Fine Champagne has subtle fruity and floral aromas, with a focus on shades of perfectly-ripe citrus fruits and dark chocolate. The typical aromas of the raw egg are then released. Geconfijted fruits (sinaasappel, peer, pruim, and kers), toffee, and caramel pair well with cheese and eggs.

Then come tan tea, Tabak, and sigarenkist. The flavor is too full, round, and well-balanced. The colors are like the ones on the bottom of the (boeket) with dark beeswax and jam. Next come vanilla, toffee, eikenhout, and roosted almonds.

Elegant and rich, the nose features notes of white flowers, a tinge of violet that is typical of this Premier Cru, as well as hints of stewed fruits like plum, pear, and bitter orange. Woody and spicy notes round out the aroma. Similar sensations to those in the nose, with a final flavor of vanilla, cocoa, and fine chocolate.








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