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Buy Frapin VSOP 750ml Online amber, is brilliant. The nose is warm, complex, baked fruit, rich, hot, rose petals. The palate is harmonious, rich, and full of clear wood burnt tannins mixed with vanilla. Definite remaining finish, English marmalade.

Was heißt VSOP auf Deutsch?

The term very special old pale (dt. “ganz besonders alt und blass”) or distinguished, old and pale (dt. “ausgezeichnet, alt und blass”) are used to denote the acronym VSOP, which is derived from the English language.

Was bedeutet VSOP bei Remy Martin?

Further evidence that the Remy Martin Cognac VSOP is superior is the fact that the distillate was aged for at least four years in oak barrels. This is the minimum legal drinking age for VSOP cognac, which stands for Very Special/Superior Old Pale.

Was ist besser XO oder VSOP?

The most popular cognac is often of the XO quality. He would be between 8 and 20 years old. A VS or VSOP cognac that is between two and ten years old is typically purchased. The Courvoisier XO Cognac is an exception.


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