Foursquare 12 Year Old Clifton Hall Great House

Foursquare 12-Year-Old Clifton Hall Great House Presents: Massimo and Karen Franchi. 100% original, place your order now!



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Foursquare 12-Year-Old Clifton Hall Great House Presenting is Massimo and Karen Franchi. This vintage Barbadian rum smells faintly of tropical fruits, toffee, and hazelnut. On the palate, a quick hit of sweetness is follow by flavors with a lot of depth and complexity. 100% original Rum Place your order now


On the gentle southern slopes of the St George Valley, St Philip, Barbados, the renowned Foursquare Rum Distillery crafts expertly distilled, tropically matured, and blended Foursquare Clifton Hall Great House 12-Year Rum.

One of Barbados’s oldest trade houses, R.L. Richard L. Seale, the current head distiller, is one of the most creative distillers and blenders in the area and is passionate about creating honest, flawless rum with incredible flavor. It is locate on the site of a former sugar plant that dates back to 1636.

Product Details

The Foursquare distillery’s founder, RL Seale & Company, was founded in Barbados in 1920. At our online auction, this Twelve-Year-Old Foursquare sold for £105.


A few dates, dark malt, dark honey, cardamom, ginger, light raisins, cardamom and ginger, light shoe polish, cherry juice, plums, light raisins, antique furniture, calvados, dark chocolate, hazelnuts


An overall exquisite blend of herbs, sweetness,

and acidity, roasted hops, then again something few, a touch of coal, followed by pure dark chocolate sauce, creme de cassis, ginger, camphor, Brenesseltee, leather, cardamom, nutmeg, grapefruit, cherry, and blood orange.


The fill level and label condition are shown in the photographs. It should be note that the lack of a condition statement does not suggest that the lot is flawless or free from wear and tear, flaws, or the effects of aging. It doesn’t seem like this bottle is leaking. Old corks and closures may leak during transit, despite our best efforts to wrap bottles securely.


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