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El Tesoro Extra Anejo Tequila 750ml Felipe J., the father of Carlos Camarena, is honor by our El TesoroTM Extra Aejo. and their common love of tequila that has aged. For four to five years, this unique tequila blend is patiently mature in ex-bourbon barrels made of American oak, which adds rich notes of coffee and chocolate.

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El Tesoro Paradiso® is a unique tequila that is carefully mature for five years in ex-Cognac barrels made of French oak. This distinctive tequila was develope by Don Felipe Camarena in association with Alain Royer of A. de Fussigny Cognac.

It has a taste that is earthy with a sense of minerality, tropical qualities, and sweet butterscotch undertones. Herbs and butterscotch with a touch of smoke, oak, and tropical aromas. a mixture of herbs and sweet butterscotch.


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received a double gold medal at the 2019 International Spirits Challenge and received 95 points in the Beverage Testing Institute Awards in 2020. One of the Tequila families with the highest regard is the Camarena family and for good reason.

In high-quality, traditionally made Tequila, both Felipe and his son Carlos have always respected the agave tastes, but it doesn’t mean they avoid extra-long maturing for Extra Anejo. Although this extraordinary tequila spends four to five years in ex-bourbon barrels made of American oak, the skillful use of wood never masks the agave’s exquisite flavor and aroma. We like to use sturdy oak frames that won’t obscure the agave picture, as Carlos explains.


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