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El Tesoro Anejo Tequila 750ml is an extraordinary-tasting tequila. It’s no accident that “El Tesoro” signifies “fortune.”

In 1937, the La Altena refinery was located beneath the mountains of Jalisco, Mexico. The one-of-a-kind air conditions at its high altitude gave the agave a higher sugar level that was great for making his 100 percent blue agave tequila.

Today, Carlos Camarena—the grandson of the pioneer, Wear Felipe—regulates the collecting of the adult agave and directs the creation of El Tesoro de Wear Felipe to guarantee consistency and quality.

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El Tesoro pays tribute to Don Felipe Camarena, the person who founded La Altena Distillery in 1937. Carlos Camarena, his grandson, now manages the production. He loves agave, much like his grandfather, and is extremely protective of his old-fashion ways.

  1. El Tesoro pays tribute to Don Felipe Camarena, the person who founded La Altea Distillery in 1937.


This also tequila flows honey gold and has a strong floral aroma. You must get this complex, thought-provoking tequila.

Critical evaluation: “A light-bodied, pale gold spirit with a lively feel and a strong alcohol sting. The aroma was rather smokey and menthol-like, reminding one of the menthol cigarettes. But it had a pleasant, honey-like flavor.” Wine Enthusiast rating: 82/100

We brew tequila in this location almost exactly as he did back then, and for the exact same reasons: to honor our agave fields and create a drinkable spirit. Tradition is significant at La Altena.

We continue to double-distill our tequila to proof and cook the agaves in traditional ovens and with a volcanic tahona wheel.

“color of golden yellow. With a satiny medium-full body and a long complicated finish of cola, sandalwood, dried cherry, papaya and pineapple, mint gelato, and peppery spice, this wine has flavors of dill pickle, black olive, cheese rind, and chocolate-coconut icing. Amazing flavor depth and richness.”






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