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El Tequileno Gran Reserva Anejo 750ml Beginning with estate-grown, mature Blue Agave from the Los Altos region of Jalisco, El Tequileo Reposado is creating. The mineral-rich water from El Volcan de Tequila is then adding to them, and they are subsequently distill in copper pot stills. Three months of aging in big American Oak barrels results in a rich yet well-balance blend of scent and flavor.

91 points for Wine Enthusiast’s Best Buy Mezcal and tequila masters from The Spirit’s Business: GOLD 2021 2020 San Francisco Worlds Spirits Competition Gold Medalist Tequila Matchmaker’s Additive Free Status is Confirm.


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Aejo tequilas can be a revelation for people who have only encountered bright Blancos and honeyed reposados. Think of these as tequilas to sip.

While bourbon enthusiasts might be interested in the ongoing experimental line from Sazerac’s Corazón Expresiones series, which rests its aejo in rare Stagg and Weller bourbon barrels among other barrels, wine lovers, in particular, should look to producers like Don Fulano, working with French wine casks.

Production Highlights

Mexico- 2020 GOLD Medal “Brand of Promise” Tequila Aficionado, 100 Points & Century Award Winner. 8-month age and 15% Anejo blend. Bananas, caramelized pear, nutmeg, and vanilla are the aromas. Macadamia nuts, vanilla, toffee, and light oak taste.

Think of these as tequilas that sip.

Extra aejo that has been mature for three years or more is available for those looking for something a little more severe. These are frequently targeting in the luxury market and offer in small quantities.

Tequila that has been mature in oak barrels and then clarify with a charcoal filter is crystalline. We have concentrated on aejo cristalinos, however, reposado cristalinos are also available, in line with the aejo concept.



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