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El Padrino Extra Anejo Tequila retains its sweet, natural mellow flavor thanks to a 36–42 hour roasting process in brick ovens using only 100% blue agave. Rich, natural hints of vanilla, coconut, caramel, and oak flavors are produced through slow fermentation and distillation in pot stills with copper rims.

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It goes without saying that El Padrino  1942 is the most recognizable high-end tequila of all time. While the 1942 Anejo tequila may have sold itself based solely on quality, Don Julio’s marketing of the product has purposefully cultivated an air of exclusivity around it. The Mexican tequila producer uses this ‘luxury’ perception as a mechanism to increase market demand and an insatiable appetite among consumers.

Depending on who you know, a 750ml bottle nowadays can sell for anywhere between $200 and $250 USD, and the 1.75lt “Magnum” or “El Jefe” is at least quadruple the price with most sellers and costs between $550 and $600 USD.

In a purist’s assessment of 1942 El Padrino, the spirit itself is one of high caliber and impressive elegance. When we examine the characteristics that characterize luxury spirits, we are offering an exceptionally rare, ultra-small-batch tequila

1942 is an incredibly rich and well-balanced Anejo tequila, making it one of the greatest in its class in addition to its specialized exclusivity. It has a silky-smooth, velvet-like texture. Bronze Medal (Rich, Butterscotch, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Smooth)

glass stopper on a square bottle with an odd medallion on a chain around the neck. This Extra Anejo is the least costly I’ve ever had. Good things first.  It’s really smooth. On the nose, there are faint aromas of vanilla, caramel, wood, and sugar. Very faint hints of vanilla, caramel, sugar, wood, and perhaps, if you have an incredibly discriminating palette, agave.

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