Don Julio Anejo Tequila 750ml

Don Julio Anejo Tequila 750ml Their tequila is “for those who know,” to quote Don Julio. 100% original place your order now!






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Don Julio Anejo Tequila 750ml Their tequila is “for those who know,” to quote Don Julio. Their Alejo is a particularly exceptional Tequila that is made with the best Blue Weber agave in a very traditional fashion. So now you are aware.

Don Julio Alejo Tequila is made in tiny amounts and ages for eighteen months in American oak. This softens the edges and covers the roasting agave of the citrus-driven spirit with opulent vanilla flavors, butterscotch, and honey. It can be used as a Mexican version of the Old Fashioned, use to make ultra-smooth Margaritas, or enjoyed straight up with hearty festive foods like chiles en nogada, picadillo, or manchamanteles.

Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada, the company’s founder, started distilling at the juvenile age of 17. He overcame the stereotype that this was a drink for farmers by honing his skill at his La Primavera distillery in the highlands of Jalisco for almost 40 years. Today, most historians and connoisseurs recognize his as the first-ever premium Tequila.


Up to its 1942’s release, Don Julio Anejo was the brand’s greatest tequila. Therefore, we are actually discussing a premium Anejo tequila.

Don Julio Blanco is aged in bourbon barrels for 18 months to produce Don Julio Anejo. Compared to a Reposado, this has a deeper amber hue, a richer oak note, and more caramel notes.

The scent of Don Julio Anejo resembles bourbon and includes vanilla, wood, caramel, and a hint of orange.

Product Description

Our tale started in 1942 when a young Don Julio González recognized a special possibility in the tequila industry. He has few material possessions, but he did possess the desire, and after discussing his idea with a prominent local businessman, he was given a loan to build his first tequila distillery. His world’s first luxury tequila was the result of this unwavering passion for excellence.

By prioritizing quality over quantity and methodically spacing out each agave plant to give it enough room to grow and fully mature before harvest, Don Julio González changed the tequila industry. Then he would only keep the pia’s most succulent parts, heating them for cycles of 72 hours.

He create a shorter tequila bottle so that guests could pass it around the table while still being able to see one another since he understood his new spirit had no business hiding on the floor.





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