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Don Diego Santa Anejo Tequila 750ml Mexico – 100% Blue Agave. Subtlety over strength shows the meaning of smoothness and elegance of the true taste of Mexico. A blend of tequilas, aged a minimum of 12 months.

Don Diego Santa Tequila is delivered by Tequila Wear Diego St Nick, a brand made by a Spanish, family-possess organization with a foundation in wine production. In the late twentieth 100 years, the family put their focus on Mexico and start making their own tequilas at the Destilería Río de Plata in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

On their authority site, Wear Diego St Nick flaunts a legitimate and customary interaction to make a really craftsman item. This specific tequila is refining utilizing little clump twofold refining. From that point onward, it is mature for at least a year in white oak containers and afterward mix with significantly more established tequilas to make the eventual outcome. The organization guarantees that the typical age of the last mix is about a year and a half.

After extensive research and sampling of several agave liquor harvests, he finally discovered the ideal harmony of scent, taste, and body. As a result of his achievement, he gave the tequila the name “Don Diego Santa,” after his father.

He eventually found the perfect fit to carry on with the goals of his family business: the name was “Destileria Ro de Plata.” He had the notion of improving the quality of the production process without losing the handmade element that gave it a distinctive mark.

It goes without saying that this procedure is costly and time-consuming, but it is the only method to produce tequilas of the highest quality, including Tequila Don Diego SantaTM.


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