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Dewar’s 19 Yr Champions Edition 2022 the double aging method was invent, develop, and perfect by Dewar’s seven Master Blenders over a period of approximately 150 years. By producing our whisky in this manner, we make sure that all of the tastes from Dewar’s 19 Yr Champions Edition 2022 individual ingredients have enough opportunity to meld together. creating an incredibly smooth, balanced, and unified blended scotch.
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Master Blender Stephanie Macleod create Dewar’s Double Double 27 Year, a blend scotch that is age using a “Four Stage Aging Process.” Single malts and single grains that have been age separately for at least 27 years make up the first step.
The Single Malts are then combine and resting in empty casks. The single grains also go through this process. The combine blend of single malts and blend single grains are then rest in exhaust casks once more. The blend scotch completes maturation in sherry casks in the end. It is finish in ex-Palo Cortado sherry for 27 years.

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Dewar’s 19-Year-Old was make by expert blender Stephanie Macleod. Version for Champions The result of the collaboration with the USGA to recognize the US Open Championship golf competition is the US Open. age in former American bourbon barrels for at least 19 years.

Dewar’s The Monarch 15-Year-Old 175ml

called “The Monarch” The Monarch of the Glen, a well-known artwork, inspired the name of this exceptional and unique whiskey. The iconic painting, an instant masterpiece, of a stag in the Scottish Highlands was produced by Sir Edwin Landseer in 1851. The picture was bought by John Dewar and Sons in 1919, who hung it with pride.

This unique whiskey was created by master blender Stephanie Macleod using inspiration from the painting. Very rare vintage single malt and single grain scotch whiskies are combined to create Dewar’s 15 Blended Scotch Whisky. After that, the blend is wedded in oak barrels to provide a smooth, velvety finish.



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