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Davidoff Cognac XO 750ml Eminence Drink Gathering has added Davidoff Cognac to its arrangement of wine and spirits. Eminence will be the exclusive shipper in the U.S. for the Davidoff Cognac brand.

“We are excited to bring Davidoff Cognac to the United States, as well as add their luxury spirits to our expanding portfolio,” says Scott Schilling, GM, and CMO of Glory Drink Gathering. “As Americans continue to crave earthy-colored spirits, we’re excited to add a superior selection and a striking dash of style in the realm of cognac for customers looking for a truly unique experience.”

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Zino Davidoff created Davidoff Cognac in response to his desire for Cognac to complement his cigars. Quick forward 25 years after the fact to 2011, when Thomas Hine and Co. took on the Davidoff cognac creation.

Hine has been delivering cognac since around 1763 and is the Sovereign of Britain’s cognac authority. The arrangement incorporates.

More about Cognac Davidoff

“Delights are not temporary, since they have enduring impressions.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The way of thinking behind the cognac Davidoff has forever been “throughout everyday life, one should be fulfilled exclusively with the best,” and this proceeds right up to the present day.

What does XO mean on Cognac?

Technically, XO Cognac has the same legal minimum drinking age as Napoleon Cognac. Hennessy coined the designation “XO” to designate their oldest cognacs over 50 years ago. It often meant cognacs with an average (not minimum) age of about 25 years in those days.

What does XO mean in whiskey?

The abbreviations VS (Very Special), VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale), and XO (Extra Old) on Cognac labels serve as a guarantee of the amount of time the spirit has matured. VS, VSOP, and XO (Extra Old) all denote an age of at least two, four, and six years, respectively, for the cognac.

Is cognac better than whiskey?

This question’s resolution is purely a matter of taste. Cognac is a rich, flavorful, and aromatic beverage. The flavor of whisky, however, can significantly differ from location to region and cask to cask.






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